So what makes our school so unique and different?

It makes a big difference who your Instructor is and who their teachers are. How we teach is as important as what we teach. Our number one priority is putting our student’s long-term success and needs first.

American TKD Martial Arts is one of the top schools in the country. Nothing comes close to the quality of our programs. We serve families of Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Margate and North Lauderdale Florida. 


The truth is, there are many reasons why our school is so unique and  separates us from all other schools in our area, here are a few.


Program Design & Student Success

  • Master Swaney's (7th Degree Black Belt) development of unique "age" and "level" based programs for both children and adults encourages maximum potential while helping students reach their goals. Children learn courtesy, respect, focus and gain unstoppable self confidence.
  • Master Swaney didn't stop there, he re-invented the Family concept because families that kick together, stick together.
  • Master Swaney's adult program is full of men and women enjoying fitness with a purpose with the best self defense and martial arts education programs. Our adult program will reduce stress, increase flexibility, fitness and provides natural and effective weight loss.


Flexible Class Times

  • Classes 6 days a week to suit most everyone's busy schedule to ensure students are training at least two days per week.
  • We also provide make up days and classes so students continue to progress and reach each goal.


Comprehensive, Dynamic & Rewarding Curriculum

  • Students become excellent and capable martial artist and Black Belts. Our top of the line training helps keep students challenged, motivated, happy and interested which helps them achieve goals, including becoming a Black Belt, Certified Instructor or Master.
  • Full structured curriculums and certification from beginner to advanced master and instructor levels for several martial arts. Taught straight from the source providing students with the very best in pure traditional Korean Martial Arts training.
  • Our Koammudo system was developed by four 9th Dan Korean Grandmasters and is internationally recognized as one of the most advanced and comprehensive self defense and Korean martial arts educational systems. This system includes every aspect of real martial arts training and skills including over 10 different weapons!
  • We are the only school in our area qualified to teach several martial art styles straight from the sources, providing our students with the most complete traditional martial arts education including:


    • Taekwondo (Kukkiwon - Korea, Certified Master)
    • Koammudo (The ultimate Traditional Korean Martial Arts founded by FOUR 9th Degree Korean Grand Masters!)
    • Hapkido (Korean Self Defense & Combat Skills)
    • Haidong Gumdo (The Real Korean Sword Arts)
    • Weapons Training (Over 15 taught!)
    • We also provide various fitness, self defense and other specific training and special events


Quality & Expertise of Instruction

  • Our Instructors are selected and trained personally by Master Swaney and go through an ongoing Instructor Training Program. This ensures our Instructors are experts in the martial arts and helping you reach your goals. We make learning and training fun.
  • Our head Instructor is Master Swaney, an internationally certified 6th degree Black Belt and certified Master Instructor.
  • Our expertise and knowledge of the subject matter combined with a true care for each student makes are school like no other.
  • American TKD Martial Arts is a nationally and internationally recognized and respected school, where a Black Belt is still earned through hard work, dedication and loyalty, never promised or purchased.
  • American TKD Martial Arts is a National Certified Instructor Training Center.


Clean and Safe Learning Environment

  • We pay a little more to have our school professionally cleaned and sanitized daily because we understand how important it is to our students. Plus, we train there to.
  • Our school has a custom built 2100 square foot Professional Training Floor for added cleanliness and safety.
  • We have plenty of proper training equipment and ensure a safe and controlled learning environment for our students.


Awesome Special Events

  • Summer Camp, After School Leadership, Birthday Parties, Parent's Night Out, Buddy Nights and many other fun events.
  • Our students also participate in the official Koammudo and USA Taekwondo Championships.


The best way to get started is to call today and schedule a time to meet personally with Master Swaney to learn more and discuss how our programs can best help you.

School owners, interested in seminars or private lessons, please contact Master Swaney directly for detials. Email:

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