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Master Swaney is one of the most capable and respected Masters in Martial Arts today and has taught thousands of students, black belts and instructors both inside and outside the USA . Master Swaney is a long time student under world famous Korean Grandmaster, Jun Kim, a 5 time Korean National Champion and the founder of Ko Am Mu Do. Master Swaney served as Chief Instructor of Koammudo since it's inception in 1998 and in 2004 was appointed his current position as Executive Director of The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation. Master Walter Swaney continues serving as Executive Director and is a strong pillar of Koammudo and Korean Martial Arts.

Taekwondo Coral Springs Florida Weapons Master

Master Walter Swaney has a lifetime of Martial Arts training and teaching experience. Master Swaney grew up in a military family and is the son of one of the most highly decorated warriors in American history. Lt Col. "Cactus" Jack Swaney- Army, Rangers and later USAF fighter pilot serving in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.


Master Walter Swaney started his martial arts training with his father and formal martial arts training begin in Japan in 1970, Guam 1971 and 1972.


Master Walter Swaney was later raised by a Korean family since age 9 where his love and passion for the Korean martial arts began.


Current Official Dan Rank and Certifications:

  • 7th Dan, Master Black Belt
  • Master Instructor
  • Level A Referee
  • Associate Coach


Summary of Skills:

Master Swaney has extensive training and teaching experience in Korea, Latin America and the USA in both the hard-(fighting) and soft-(healing) sides of Korean and other Martial Arts.


Master Swaney is an expert in and teaches many martial arts including Taekwondo, Ko Am Mu Do, Hapkido, Haidong Gumdo, Yudo, Kick Boxing, Gumdo (sword), Weapons, Ki Gong (Ki Development), healing and organ training ( Oh hang system ), hand to hand combat/self defense/weapons defense.


Master Walter Swaney is also an experienced full contact fighter/competitor, trainer, coach and referee.


Some of his many notable accomplishments

  • Deccember 15, 2018 Tested and prototion to 7th Dan Black Belt (Grandmaster)
  • 2010 Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Award for outstanding promotion of Korean Martial Arts
  • Certificate of Graduation: 2010 Sig Sauer Extreme Close Quarters Battle Course taught by Todd M. Rassa
  • Featured in July 2009 Taekwondo Times Magazine
  • Completed the 1st foreign Tae Kwon Do Training Program in Yong-In University in S. Korea and was presented a diploma by Chairman, Sanghwa Yoon
  • Provides Ho Shin Sul (Self-Defense) and Hapkido training for the vision impaired, law enforcement and other specialized groups
  • Instructor experience for the Plantation Police Department Captain and later the Chief of Police, Pembroke Pines Florida
  • Provides regularly scheduled official Ko Am Mu Do, Wepaons, Haidong Gumdo and other Seminars to masters and instructors
  • Former Counter Terrorist Financing and Anti Money Laundering Officer


Summary of Instructors:

Master Walter Swaney has trained all over the world in all kinds of styles and with many excellent Masters and Grand Masters. However, he always advises to find a qualified teacher you trust and stay with whatever particular art until one reaches high level Black Belt. The most important aspect your martial arts life is the respect and relationship with your teacher.


Master Swaney was very fortunate to have spent most of his life growing up and training under some of the greatest martial artist on the planet. In fact serveral of his long time teachers are direct students of the original Korean martial arts founders such as Choi (founder of Hapkido) and Ji Han Jae (founder of Sin Moo Hapkido), Hwang Ki (founder of Moo Duk Kwan), Chun, Sang Sup (founder of Jidokwan) and Nam Suk Lee (of Chang Moo Kwan).


Master Swaney's first long time teacher passed away. The late, Grand Master John Woong Chung, 8th Dan Kukkiwon / Jidokwan / Han Moo Kwan,  6th Dan Korea Hapkido Federation, 4th Dan Yudo, Korean National Champion undefeated and Korean boxing champion.


Since 1996, Master Swaney has been a student of 9th Dan Grandmaster Jun Hyun Kim was a 5 time Korean National Champion and happens to be one of the worlds most renowned and respected Grandmasters, who together with three other world respected 9th Dan Grandmasters, Yung Ho Jun, NG Guak and Jin Chung, founded Ko Am Mu Do and The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation. NG Guak is also the founder and president of The World Hapkido Association and Yung Ho Jun is president of Chang Moo Kwan passed to him from his teacher and founder Nam Suk Lee.


Master Walter Swaney's current "formal" instructors. In real Martial Arts the first two questions when real Master meet are... 1) Who is your teacher (not some vitual or seminar teacher, but more than 20 years). 2) Depending on the answer to number one, lets train.



  • 1996 to present: Grandmaster Jun Kim, 9th Dan - former 5 time Korean National Champion. Founder of the World Ko Am Mu Do Federation.
  • 1996 to present: Grandmaster Jin Chung, 9th Dan. Founder of the World Ko Am Mu Do Federation, Founder- Korea Hodori Team.
  • 1996 to present: Grandmaster Young Ho Jun, 9th Dan. Special Forces Instructor in Vietnam. President of ChangMooKwan, Founder of the World Ko Am Mu Do Federation
  • 1996 to present: Grandmaster N.G. Guak, 9th Dan. President World Hapkido Association, Founder of the World Ko Am Mu Do Federation.
  • Master Jeong Woo Kim, Chief of Education, The World Haidong Gumdo Federation, Korea.

Prior "formal" Instructors:

  • The late, Grand Master John Woong Chung, 8th Dan Kukkiwon / Jidokwan / Han Moo Kwan, Korean National Champion undefeated, 6th Dan Korea Hapkido Federation, 4th Dan Yudo
  • Master Nels Gyland, 6th Dan, KAMD, KHF (Hapkido and Taekwondo Instuctor), Jidokwan, Han Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon Certified with me under Grand Master John Woong Chung.
  • Master Barlen Lundgren, 5th Dan, Korea Hapkido Federation, Kidohae, Yudo, Kukkiwon. Grand Master Chungs head Instructor.
  • Master Eric Eckholm, 5th Dan, and Former US National Taekwondo Champion.
  • Many other respected and qualified Masters and Grand Masters.
  • Various other schools and dojangs.
Martial Arts Competition True Warrior

Honors and Awards:

  • 2018: (12/15/18) Tested and promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt 
  • 2012: Tested and recieved 6th Dan Black Belt 
  • 2010: Inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
  • 2010: USAT Associate Coach Certification - Olympic Taekwondo
  • 2009: Featured in the June issue of Taekwondo Times Magazine
  • 2008: Level A Referee Certification
  • 2007:Tournament Director Koammudo Championship
  • 2006: Founded American TKD Martial Arts
  • 2006: Coordinator for Korea Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration
  • 2005: Letter of Commendation - Presented by Grandmaster Jun Kim, President- World Ko Am Mu Do Federation
  • 2005: Level C Referee Certification
  • 2004: Master Instructor Certification
  • 2004:Accepted position of Executive Director of WKAMDF
  • 2000: Founded "Because Sometimes You Can't Run-Self Protection Seminars"
  • 2000: Developed successful Hapkido and Hoshinsul curriculum specifically for vision impaired students
  • 2000: Chief Instructor Certification
  • 2001: Coordinator for Korea Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration
  • 1999: Korea: Taekwondo Certificate of Completion: 1st foreign Tae Kwon Do Training Program in Yong-In University-Korea presented by Chairman, Sanghwa Yoon
  • 1999: Korea: Diploma of Training Visit: Kukkiwon- WTF Headquarters presented from, Un Yong Kim, President Kukkiwon - World Taekwondo Federation, Soul Korea
  • 1999: Letter of Commendation - Presented by Grandmaster Jin Chung, President- World Ko Am Mu Do Federation
  • 1999: Certificate of Superior Contribution to the School presented by Grand Master Jun Kim
  • 1998:Korea: Letter of Commendation - Kukkiwon Hodori Team-Korea, presented by team President, Dong Kyun Yim
  • 1998: Instructors Certification - World Ko Am Mu Do Federation, WTF
  • 1998: Coordinator for Korea Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration Kukkiwon Hodori Team Demonstration
  • 1997: Certificate of Superior School Contribution presented by Grand Master Jun Kim
  • 1997: Certificate of Completion, Citizens Police Academy, Plantation Police Department FloridaPlantation Police Department Florida
  • 1995: TaeKwonDo Times Magazine Recognition Award presented from Dr. Yang Ahn, President
  • 1995: Presidential Sports Award - Olympic Taekwondo


Coral Springs Taekwondo Champion

Summary of Championships:

  • 2011: Co-Director and Host - 10th Annual Ko Am Mu Do Championships
  • 2010: Coach - USA Junior Olympics and National Championships (4 out of 5 team members qualified for Jr. Olympics and 1 for Sr. Nationals)
  • 2009: Referee - Ko Am Mu Do Championships
  • 2008: Referee - Ko Am Mu Do Championships
  • 2007: Co-Director - Ko Am Mu Do Championships
  • 2006: Director and Promoter - 2006 Ko Am Mu Do 6th Annual Championships
  • 2005: Director and Promoter - 2005 Ko Am Mu Do World Championships
  • 2004: Referee - Ko Am Mu Do Invitational Championships
  • 2002: Gold - Sparring - Jun Kim's Ko Am Mu Do Championships
  • 1998: Coach: Florida State Taekwondo Championship State Taekwondo Championship
  • 1998: Gold, Weapons, Bronze, Sparring: World Martial Arts Championship, Florida State Masters Association State Masters Association
  • 1997: Silver Sparring, Bronze Poomsae: 2nd Annual US Open Taekwondo Championships
  • 1996: Gold, Sparring: 1st World Martial Arts Championship - Melbourne Fl. Fl. USA
  • 1995: Gold / Weapons & Sparring: National Open Karate Championship
  • 1995: Grand Champion Sparring, Silver Poomse: Space Coast Tournament of Champions TaeKwonDo Championships
  • 1994: Silver-Sparring: Atlanta Summer Spectacular Open Karate Championships
  • 1994: 1st Place Sparring and Weapons, Porter 5th Annual N. Florida Karate Championships Jacksonvillle FL
  • 1994: 1st Weapons, 3rd Sparring: Battle of Atlanta Karate Championships, Atlanta Georgia
  • 1993: 1st Sparring, PAL Open Karate Championships AAA Rated, Jacksonville FL
  • 1981: 2nd - Kick Boxing: Battle of Champions, of Champions, Greensboro NC NC
  • 1979: 3rd - Tough Man Competition (MMA), Greensboro NC
  • 1978: 1st - Tough Man Championship (MMA), Greensboro, NC
  • Various other point and full contact tournaments

"I teach for the love of my students and love of the Martial Arts. My number one priority is to always put the best long term interest of students at the forefront of everything we do. I remain true to my Korean martial arts roots and my teacher, martial arts father, friend and mentor Grandmaster Jun Kim. I strive daily to uphold his expectations of humility and excellence." Master, Walter Swaney





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